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When you list a pet on Helping Lost Pets or Lost Dogs of Texas, email/text alerts are sent to members in your area.  You can also create a flyer from your listing immediately. Time is of the essence. FLIERS WORK!

If you LOST A PET, do this NOW

​1.  Place your pet's bedding outdoors with food/water. Throw in an article of owner's clothing (dirty, that is, with owner's scent).

2.  Notify your pet's vet, local law enforcement that your pet is missing - provide a description and tell them you will follow-up with a flier. **If your pet is microchipped, notify the chip company and report your pet missing, and check that all contact information is current and correct**

3.  File a lost dog report at Lost Dogs of Texas for a free, printable flier. You will receive an email with a link to print the flier. 

4.  Distribute the fliers around the area where your pet was last seen, posting at all intersections, neighborhood bulletin boards (Lowe's Market has a bulletin board on both sides of the store), hand out to neighbors, give to FedEx/UPS, etc., postman, school bus driver, gas man, garbage collectors - anyone that delivers and drives the area frequently.

5.  Share through Facebook pages and groups - your neighorhood page, if there is one; garage sale group pages are perfect - Buy, Trade, Sell in Blanco; facebook pages - Blanco County Lost and Found Pets, Comal County lost and found dogs, Wimberley Adoption Group and Rescue, Lost and Found Pets of Hays County, TX, Lost and Found Pets of Kendall County Texas that will post your flier and help spread the word.  Be sure to follow up with all area vets, shelters, rescues, and law enforcement with a flier as well.

If you FOUND A PET, do this NOW 

​1.  Take a picture of the dog, cat, or other pet. Go to Lost Dogs of Texas and file a Found Dog report, and you will receive an email with a printable flier. Post the flier to Blanco County Lost and Found Pets. Be sure to describe the pet's color, size, breed if known, and area pet was found and when, along with contact information.  

2.  If possible, take the pet to the closest veterinary clinic to be scanned for a microchip.  If a microchip is found, clinic staff will call and try to locate the owner.  The veterinary staff might also know the pet and who the owner is.

3.  Do NOT rehome the pet, sell the pet or give the pet away for free.

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