Honey is a real sweetheart.  She is an inside doggy and knows her house manners; she responds well to praises, and runs into the kitchen when she hears the ice dispenser (she loves ice chunks).


Currently, Honey is working on car rides, socializaton and walking skills - she is good on leash or off leash. She has been down on the courthouse grounds and did excellent! She's not a barker when meeting people.  In fact, Honey perceives when a car ride is ahead, and her excitement builds in anticipation of a ride with her human! She is quickly building her confidence level and will make a perfect companion to the right person who steals her heart!  
Honey loves children and is open to new experiences and stimulation. She will excel and bond with anyone who will make her a constant "side-kick" in everyday life! 


At 2 yrs old, Honey will easily form a trusting bond with a family. She is shy at first but warms up fast with attention and rubdowns/massages.