Acres of Love Animal Rescue and Blanco County Lost and Found Pets recognizes that a huge part of the solution to our animal problems is spaying and neutering of all pets, keeping pets at home, and educating owners on responsible pet care. No pet should ever be killed due to space/capacity problems. 



Every lost or found pet has a home. They just want to go home; not be rehomed!

Acres of Love Animal Rescue was formed out of the need to have a safe place for lost/found pets until the owner has been located.  To facilitate the process of keeping pets and families together, Blanco County Lost and Found Pets was created in 2013 to give a central page for the community as a whole to post and search for a lost or found pet within the Blanco County and surrounding areas. Numerous pets have been reunited with their owners, resulting in saved lives by keeping pets at home where they belong and out of shelters/rescues.  An extensive search is conducted for all pets that are not claimed, and those sweeties are all given their chance at having their own loving families through our ongoing care and adoption program.




We encourage anyone interested in adopting one (or more) of the pets here at Acres of Love Animal Rescue to call 830-392-6493, and setup a day to come by and spend some one-on-one time with any of the pets, to get to know each one, and see if you and him/her are a good, forever match.  All adopters will be asked to fill out an Adoption Application before a meet n' greet (which will require a home check before approval for adoption).  Once the application process is finished, an Adoption Contract will finalize the adoption.  We do not charge adoption fees; instead, your donated amount helps Acres of Love Animal Rescue continue to help lost, found, and abandoned pets in the future (your donation will be tax deductible). Priority for adoption is always given to a required human/animal bond which leads to a loving permanent home!

***Low Cost Spay/Neuter

Become part of the solution to our animal problems! Acres of Love Animal Rescue and Blanco County Lost and Found Pets partners with a spay/neuter clinic to provide a low-cost program to have your pet fully vetted. Transportation to and from the excellent folks at Hill Country Animal League (HCAL) in Boerne for a spay/neuter program is provided for all persons needing help. Spay/Neuter comes with a free one-year Rabies vaccine, and pain medicine for your pet(s).  HCAL also provides DHLPP, worming medication, microchipping, heartworm testing, and heartworm products, as well as other services and products.


***Food/Shelter for All Pets

Anyone unable to purchase food for their own family pet will be provided food by Acres of Love Animal Rescue, with the hopes that owners and pets will be able to stay together and not be relinquished to a shelter due to unfortunate circumstances.  We all have hard times and we want to see families and pets stay together even during the hard times!

Anyone unable to purchase a dog house for a pet is encouraged to contact Acres of Love Animal Rescue with the age and breed of your pet(s) so that an appropriate-sized dog house may be located.  Every pet needs shelter outside and a dog house is an excellent source of shelter.


***Problems with Pets

Is your pet a "repeat escapee?" Acres of Love Animal Rescue will gladly provide help with making your pet’s yard a safe, secure environment.  We also offer help and guidance with pet behavioral problems that are causing anyone to think about rehoming a pet.  We believe that relinquishing a pet to a shelter or rehoming a pet is a last resort, and 99.9% of the time, problems can be addressed and solutions found so that a happy home is forever for all concerned. It’s a matter of owner perseverance to find a solution, and it can be done!  Most people just simply don’t know how to go about finding that happy ending. We will help you find a solution.  Don't wait until you become frustrated and the thought of relocating your pet comes up - many times, the solution is seen easily by someone not personally involved in the relationship and is easily 'fixed.'



Acres of Love Animal Rescue is an all volunteer-run rescue.  If you would like to find your niche in our volunteer program, please fill out a Volunteer Application, and an orientation will be given to you so that “we’re all on the same page” with our animal needs.  Whether your skill is clerical, phones, computer work, photographing pets, grant writing, fundraising events, accounting, walking dogs, training, socializing, grooming, making home visits to prospective adopters, adoption events, etc., Acres of Love Animal Rescue will be happy to have your help in our mission to provide a safe place for pets when lost, found or abandoned. Sign up today to be a valued volunteer for Acres of Love Animal Rescue on our volunteer page.


***Pet Registration

Blanco County Lost and Found Pets has a form that may be filled in online and submitted for inclusion in a county-wide pet database that has proven to aid in the reuniting of lost/found pets and their family members.  This is strictly volunteer, and all information is kept confidential.  Please take the time to add your pet(s).  *Always be sure to update your pet(s) microchip information (address and phone number) so that your pet(s) may be returned promptly.*